• Sandrine Favari & Mickaël Meyer: the avant-gardists

  • Sandrine Favari and Mickaël Meyer are among the hairdressers of the new era. They created together the collection Millenials for CAC Cylea Formation and travel the word to train hairdressers.

    Johann Krey

  • LIVECOIFFURE : Why did you decide to work together for this collection?

    Mickaël Meyer: We had an artistic crush. Our ideas naturally mixed to create this collection.  

    Sandrine Favari: I confirm. Our relation started when Cyclea was recruiting. We got along straightaway in terms or art and friendship. Mickaël always has many ideas. I love his universe. We complete each other. 

  • LIVECOIFFURE: Why did choose Millenials as a name?

    Mickael Meyer: With Sandrine, we wanted to explore different facets of our generation. The Millenials are the heroines. Free, intuitive and combative, they embody all the women of our generation.  

    Sandrine Favari: We took inspiration from this new "air" around us. All these mixes of generations, cultures and temperaments. All together, in a shaker and you have Millenials. 


    LIVECOIFFURE: How do you convince some hairdressers to follow Cyléa Formation's trainings?

    Mickael Meyer: At Cyléa, we dare to shake our trainees in their way of working, out of their comfort zone, this is our strength!

    Sandrine Favari: The  hairdressers understand that if they want to exist they need to follow the trends and thus to keep training. Cylea meets this need. As for me, I help them to choose their training according to their demands, their skills and their needs. 

  • LIVECOIFFURE: Do you already have many training requests in terms of atypical haircolors?

    Mickael Meyer: yes. All the haircolors seen in Millenials will be proposed during the haircolor trainings at Cyléa, like the beautifulicious or light room trainings for example.


    Sandrine Favari: Our haircolor trainings presented by different trainers are always evolving. They follow the tendencies and meet hairdressers' needs. That's why the hairdressers finish their training acquiring new skills.


    LIVECOIFFURE: Do you have other projects in common for 2017?

    Mickael Meyer: Cyléa is in contact with many creators. Through meetings and conversations in relation with our profession, the trainers collaborate and the artistic creations multiply. 

    Sandrine Favari: We are going to present the collection Millenials with all our energy, our skills in order to meet hairdresser's needs. After that, we will sure be on the way to success in the hairdressing world. To be continued.... 


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